What to Know about Monkey Dong Kit

What to Know about Monkey Dong Kit

Drug tests are always almost inescapable. Even worse, some of the urine drug tests are monitored or supervised, meaning taking your synthetic urine in a cup may not be the best option.

In such scenarios is where the Monkey Dong comes of handy. So, what is the Monkey Dong exactly? Here is a comprehensive Monkey Dong review. This fake pee is manufactured by a reputable company known as Serious Monkey Bizness that has made its name in providing the best options for cheating a drug test.

The monkey dong acts and looks like a real human penis, meaning that you’ll get not only the best synthetic urine but also a lifelike prosthetic penis that will match your skin color. Therefore, under those monitored or supervised lab circumstances, they will never suspect anything.

Monkey Dong Kit

Also, the product comes in a package that you’ll find the following;

  • Dehydrated fake urinepowdered urine
  • A temperature strip
  • A strap-on device
  • Four heating packs
  • A syringe

The dehydrated urine is the one you’ll use for your test as pee, and when mixed with 3oz of water, it looks like real urine that will pass you the test.

Also, you’ll like the fact that monkey dong comes in a range of colors that will surely match with any skin color. For instance, it features six colors (white, tan, Latino, black, and brown) that will make the entire thing not only look realistic but very much genuine.

The temperature strip will help to ensure that your fake urine is within the right temperature. The syringe is for transferring the fake urine into a strap-on device, and the four heat packs help regulate the temperature.

How to Use

The fact that the Monkey Dong is easy to use makes it a dream to have during your drug testing procedure. It has instructions that are very easy to follow;

  • Take the monkey dong and close the valves to prevent any premature discharge
  • Use the syringe and measure 90-100ml of water into the cup, and add the entire dehydrated synthetic urine and stir to dissolve completely
  • Draw the urine into the syringe, unscrew the cap of the bladder inject the contents of the syringe
  • Apply a heating pad on the opposite side of the temperature strip, and strap the entire thing with the temperature strip pressed to the skin
  • Check the temperature strip to ensure it’s in the correct range and secure it until you’re in the testing facility.
  • Open the safety valve, and then squeeze the tip of the dong to squirt your sample into the sample cup.

How to Become a Good Welder

How to Become a Good Welder

Welding is a great skill, and you make a career out of it. However, you need to make sure that you know how to do a proper weld. If you have decided to start welding, you need to make sure that you have the right tools.

The first step is to buy the right tools and protective gear for welding. After getting the right tools, you can go ahead and inspect your weld. For instance, a good weld should be uniform, and it should not have any cracks.

Hand-Eye Coordination

welding.If you want to become a great welder, it is essential to have good hand-eye coordination. You need to create a uniform weld that does not have any spaces or cracks.

You can create uniformity by developing your coordination skills. It might take some time before you master the art of coordination, but you can learn how to do it.

Concentration Skills

Welding needs a lot of concentration. You will be required to do one job for a long period, and you should be able to give it your all. When you concentrate, you will be able to produce good quality work.

The ability to concentrate will determine how your weld will turn out. If you do not take time and focus on the work, you are likely to make mistakes. We all know that having an nonuniform weld or weld with cracks is not something that you want.

Versatile and Ready to Learn

When you decide to become a welder, you should be handy and ready to learn. Technology keeps changing, and you might require to use new equipment after some time. You should be ready to learn about new technology every time.

It is advisable to become versatile so that you can learn to perform challenging tasks. There are times when you will be faced with challenging tasks, and you should be ready to perform them to perfection.


Committed to Safety

Welding is not the safest job. It is important to put safety as a top priority when you decide to become a welder. You need to make sure that you protect yourself by wearing the right protective gear.

Wearing a helmet, goggles, gloves and a welding suit is essential every time that you are welding. It is also advisable to consider safety when working on the welds so that you can make them strong enough.…

Choosing the Best Fish Finder

Choosing the Best Fish Finder

Fish has always been a great meal for many. It is a good source of protein, and that is why most people love it. A lot has to come into place before that fish gets to your plate. Fishing is one of the processes. It involves harvesting of fish from water or ponds. Fishing is also an ideal way to pass time for most people. Many would go for fishing expeditions on weekends or during their free time. One thing you should do is carry all your essentials before you go out fishing.

Carrying the right equipment will see you have afish finder smooth fishing expedition. They include proper fishing nets, baits, and hooks. The fish finder is another device that can be vital for your expedition. It helps to detect a spot that has the most fish. It uses sound waves to identify the different objects underwater, and this includes the fish. Information about the number of fish and their sizes will be relayed to your screen.

You can have a look at this guide on how to read the fish finder screen. The good thing about having this device is that it will help you save time. You won’t use so much time finding some fish which is the case when using other crude methods. The fish finder is also easy to use. You should look for the best to have a smooth user experience. Consider the following when buying one.


You should factor the brand or model of the fish finder you want to buy. There are many of them in the market, some known to offer quality service or accurate results in their functioning. You should look for the best brands in the market to have an easy time using them.


You can also consider the prices of the different fish finders in the market. Rates may vary according to several things which include brand or functionality. You will also find various shops selling them at lower prices compared to others. Compare the different things and look for a quality type going for affordable rates.


You can also check reviews of the different fish findersenhanced fish finder in the market. There are so many sites out there offering the best reviews and will highlight you on the different brands, their prices and even some stand out features in them. Going through such reviews will help you go for the best type in the market.…

Why Mobile Banking Is the Best Banking Solution

Why Mobile Banking Is the Best Banking Solution

The advancements in technology have seen the introduction of so many things over the recent years. Most of them have helped make our lives easier to a certain extent. Smartphones and other internet access devices are some of the things that have made such innovations accessible to many.

The banking sector is one that has benefited a lot from the different innovations in the tech world. There are several online and mobile banking platforms that have been established to simplify everything when it comes to banking. Banking has been made easier, and you can assess services through your smartphone or computer.

Experten vom Star Finanz Blog have all the information you may need concerning online banking. Accessing mobile banking services is much easier because what you need to do is download the bank’s application or check in to their site. One thing many are usually worried about when using these banking platforms is security. Well, you should look at the safety features used by a specific mobile banking platform.

They should have proper authentication features thatmobile banking payment will prevent you from some online fraudsters. Make sure you use a strong password that will minimize the chances of your account getting hacked. Also, make sure you are always logged out when you are not using these devices. Mobile banking turns out to be one of the best banking solution of our modern day. Here is why.

Increased Convenience

You get to enjoy some high level of convenience in mobile banking. It has helped save many some hassles that are common in conventional banking methods. You don’t have to walk miles to carry out certain transactions or monitor your account because you can do all this from the comfort of your home.

Easy to Use

Mobile banking platforms are very easy to use. They are meant to suit the various types of users in the market. You will find applications that are very simplified and easy to maneuver. People from any age group can use them without experiencing any form of difficulty.

Quick Loans

Accessing loans is much more comfortable using the differentmobile banking payment online platforms. There is no need for paperwork or trekking to the various banks or financial institutions to apply for one. What you need to do is confirm your eligibility by giving out the right information to your lenders. You will receive money very fast on your mobile phone. Interest rates are usually low which also makes it one of the best.…

Uncovering the Great Benefits of a Music Tour

Uncovering the Great Benefits of a Music Tour

As you know, music can create a strong, distinguishing, and lasting impact. In this way, it creates new perspectives. A music tour allows groups and individuals to come together and share. Many bands, orchestras, and choirs find it easy. Over time a strong bond is created among the group. In this way, it delivers a seamless performance. This means working for one another and encouraging peers to grow.

Gain New Experiences

band and audienceThe world is multi-faceted. Therefore, there is a need to develop strong relationships with agents across the world. However, it also offers music groups a wide range of travel options that suit their individual tastes. This means that traveling for music groups has become easily accessible thanks to a wide range of options available that suit all budgets. There are different platforms that allow music students to showcase their talents.

You also have an opportunity to explore various destinations other than the stage. The bespoke itineraries enable the students to interact with the surroundings and learn about their culture. Thus, a music tour is not only about supporting your music development but also shaping through new experiences and sights.

Capitalizing on Opportunities

When you take your talents abroad, you are bound to experience more than you can imagine. For instance, you might get a chance to perform on a bigger stage than the one you are used to. Also, you may learn other vital skills such as attention to detail, patience, and professionalism when it comes to organizing tours. Moreover, you may find staff that is most accommodating and helpful. Although you are not guaranteed that a news station will be available to broadcast your music, the tour may provide many other opportunities. Also, there is a chance that your group will come together and work well.

Progress Through Challenges

live concertStepping ought of your comfort zone may be something you need that ignites your learning. Others also like to develop within an environment that they know. A music tour offers you an opportunity to reflect your career and whether you should maximize it to stand out. When you perform in front of a new audience, you can harness the energy that comes with an excitement and the desire to perform.…

Tips on Choosing the Right Paper Shredder

Tips on Choosing the Right Paper Shredder

It may have never occurred to you that a paper shredder is among the most significant tools in your office. Without it, you may find it difficult to protect your trade secrets. Seasoned entrepreneurs and company managers understand the benefit of destroying company documents before letting them out through the backdoor in a dustbin. Careless disposal of company records can result in confidentiality breach incidents which may bring your firm to its knees.

Your tips on choosing the right paper shredder for your office should subsequently serve as a reminder of the benefits of getting a noise-free shredder. The shredder should be able to destroy credit cards, CDs, and DVDS safely. It’s difficult to know whether the machine is bound to jam after using it a handful of times. Ensure that it has a valid warranty certificate that’s accompanied by an after sale services policy.456utrter

Inbuilt safety measures

Paper shredders, like all electrical appliances, can be overloaded. This happens when you feed the shredder materials that are too thick for it to shred into pieces or if it’s kept running for too long at full capacity. The safety issue gets critical if the shredder is connected to an unsteady power source. Loose connections are often the cause of electric fires. Avoid this by going for a shredder with in-built safety measures. The machine should, for example, have a series of LED lights to indicate whether it’s overloaded or if the electric power isn’t of the right voltage to run the machine.

Energy saving

Office overhead bills can eat into your profits, grounding your ability to expand as fast as you may want to especially if you’re a startup. Energy efficiency rated products are therefore a must have in a 21st century office setup that seeks to adopt lean management strategies. The adoption of energy efficiency machines is significant if you’re also looking for ways to abide by best practices which may help you to push for tax rebates or reductions that green businesses attract. Remember that the sleep and the standby modes are significant energy saving features to look out for when buying a paper shredder for your office.

Design multi-functions

34567utreThere isn’t a limit to the number of paper shredder designs to choose from. Consequently, your choice should be informed by company policy, in that, some companies only buy particular electronic brands. The available space is also a factor since getting a big shredder may mean doing away with some of the office furniture and equipment, a feat that may mean extra cost in warehouse space.

The machine’s shredding power should be able to handle the number of papers and other information storage materials that you wish to destroy on a daily basis. It pays if the machine can do other things besides paper shredding. For example, it could be a printer cum a scanner or a fax machine. This is advisable if you’re looking for a way to cut cost by having a one-stop-shop kind of device. Pay attention to how the shredder handles the paper shreds and the amount of waste that it can hold in its bin on a busy paper shredding day.…

What to Consider When Buying Skin Care Products

What to Consider When Buying Skin Care Products

Your skin speaks volumes about you. It’s possible to tell a person’s age, the kind of job he or she does and his or her hygiene standards by looking at the skin. Skin related judgments about a person’s life and how much they love themselves as result of high self-esteem are often true. People would subsequently do anything to keep their skin looking young and healthy. As a consequence of these, it’s difficult to impede the buying impulse that’s sparked by an array of beauty products’ ads, most of which promise near-instant results when it comes to eradicating skin complication or signs of aging such as wrinkles and freckles.4567utfd

Skin care products buying guide

Active ingredients

The natural ingredients found in a skin care product are the ultimate items that you spend money on. The active ingredients are likely to dictate the product’s aroma, texture, and overall effectiveness. Shun products with synthetic constituents and take on those with versatile natural elements such as coconut oil. Tea and tree oils, apple cider vinegar, raw honey, sea salt and avocado extracts are also among the examples of natural skin-friendly essentials which form the list of what to consider when buying skin care product.

Standardization marks

The U.S. Food and Drug Administration or FDA, for short, is the trusted governmental body that deals with quality certification assurances of various manufactured products, cosmetics notwithstanding. The product’s label should, therefore, carry an FDA logo alongside that of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This helps you to ascertain that it doesn’t contain a chemical that may be harmful to your health and the environment’s general well-being.

Know your skin

Consider your allergic reactions. If alcohol tinged cosmetics give you rashes, have this at the back of your mind while reading the beauty product’s label or user instructions. Knowledge of the skin problem that you need to solve is also significant. It follows that if you have issues with dry skin, then all you may need is to step up your water intake and add a petroleum jelly or a glycerin lotion to your cosmetic table. Conduct a bit of research and take your time to consult your doctor if you have a pre-existing skin condition which may be aggravated by switching to a new skin care product.

Price and availability

546uygfBeauty products aren’t the cheapest items on a supermarket shelf or an online beauty shop. Since you may need to stick to a product for a particular period to achieve the skin texture or the complexion you want, price and availability are significant factors to consider. High-end beauty products may, in some cases, be difficult to find because very few brick and mortar, as well as online cosmetic outlets, store them. The availability factor can be a problem if the skin care product has medicinal value that you can’t do without. Avoid products that are ridiculously cheap. They are often substandard and remember that high priced beauty products aren’t always the best. Double check the logo and label to ensure that you’re not paying for an imitation which may cause you problems in the long run.…

T Lynn Ocean

T Lynn Ocean

Fool Me Once

Fool Me Once cover
ISBN# 0312336691
Thomas Dunne Books
a division of St. Martin’s Press
Hardcover (July 1 2005)

About the book….


Just when her life is progressing flawlessly, professional mediator Carly Stone is blindsided by the fact that her brand new husband is bedding down with someone else.

She returns to her historic hometown of Charleston, South Carolina, only to discover that everything has changed in less than a year. Her wacky grandmother has moved into the family home, her celebrity sister shows up toting three kids and a growling poodle, and a land developer is erecting a building supply superstore that will surely force her Mamma and Daddy’s business to shut down. And to complicate matters, she is outrageously attracted to a construction worker, when she should be figuring out how to save her marriage.


Carly has always preferred conciliation to conflict, but is it time to change? Should she fight to save the family business? Will she go for the handsome stranger who puts every one of her five senses on alert?

“A story that has it all — betrayal, strong family ties, murder, and true love — portrayed in a witty, down-home style with characters that linger long after you put down the book!”
NY Times best-selling author of Hot Shot — Charlotte Hughes

More reviews & blurbs……