Best Gifts for a New Mother

belly mother waiting

Being a mother is one of the meaningful milestones of a woman. It requires patience, wisdom, and a whole lot of love to carry a tiny life in your tummy. It feels so good when a mom feels appreciated by thinking about how a woman can go through all these changes in a short span and right after giving birth. That is why it is important to let them know that they are loved and appreciated.

A simple gift will make them feel all the love that a woman needs after giving birth. A push present is now becoming a thing to have them remember this time of their lives.


gold love luxuryJewelry is one of the best push presents you can give to a new mother. It will remind her of the most significant time of her life, and you can have it personalized by engraving the date or the name of her babies. You can give this in any more, may it be a necklace, ring or bracelet. Indeed, it will bring her back to the joyous moment when she gave birth.


Each birthstone has significant meanings, and having them around is a good reminder of how the universe blessed them with a new bundle of joy that describes their baby. These birthstones can also be given to the child as she could also have them in the form of a bracelet or necklace. Each stone has unique characteristics that can bring luck, protection, healing, and attract positive energies.

Tote Bag

As a new mom, you must bring all the newborn’s needs when going out. A tote bag is a perfect gift for new moms to be still fashionable when carrying a bag full of diapers, wet wipes, milk bottles, and whatnot’s. An open tote bag is advisable to be accessible if they need to get something in a hurry.

Bed Sheets

bed sheet roomHaving a newborn can be overwhelming and tiresome. It means a little to no sleep for the mom as they tend to their baby’s needs. If they rest, they should make the most out of two hours to replenish their energy. A luxury bed sheet will be a great help to give her comfort during this period.

Newborn Art

There are numerous ways to create a memento that will remind everyone of this occasion. Most moms would go back to the time where their child was still tiny. It can be printed, molded, or engraved into something that they can display. Having a footprint or handprint keepsake is reminiscent of those times.

Final Thoughts

These gifts are not necessarily expensive. Giving a push present should be memorable and something that should be imprinted to last a lifetime.…

What to Know about Monkey Dong Kit

monkey dong lab testing

Drug tests are always almost inescapable. Even worse, some of the urine drug tests are monitored or supervised, meaning taking your synthetic urine in a cup may not be the best option.

In such scenarios is where the Monkey Dong comes of handy. So, what is the Monkey Dong exactly? Here is a comprehensive Monkey Dong review. This fake pee is manufactured by a reputable company known as Serious Monkey Bizness that has made its name in providing the best options for cheating a drug test.

The monkey dong acts and looks like a real human penis, meaning that you’ll get not only the best synthetic urine but also a lifelike prosthetic penis that will match your skin color. Therefore, under those monitored or supervised lab circumstances, they will never suspect anything.

Monkey Dong Kit

Also, the product comes in a package that you’ll find the following;

  • Dehydrated fake urinepowdered urine
  • A temperature strip
  • A strap-on device
  • Four heating packs
  • A syringe

The dehydrated urine is the one you’ll use for your test as pee, and when mixed with 3oz of water, it looks like real urine that will pass you the test.

Also, you’ll like the fact that monkey dong comes in a range of colors that will surely match with any skin color. For instance, it features six colors (white, tan, Latino, black, and brown) that will make the entire thing not only look realistic but very much genuine.

The temperature strip will help to ensure that your fake urine is within the right temperature. The syringe is for transferring the fake urine into a strap-on device, and the four heat packs help regulate the temperature.

How to Use

The fact that the Monkey Dong is easy to use makes it a dream to have during your drug testing procedure. It has instructions that are very easy to follow;

  • Take the monkey dong and close the valves to prevent any premature discharge
  • Use the syringe and measure 90-100ml of water into the cup, and add the entire dehydrated synthetic urine and stir to dissolve completely
  • Draw the urine into the syringe, unscrew the cap of the bladder inject the contents of the syringe
  • Apply a heating pad on the opposite side of the temperature strip, and strap the entire thing with the temperature strip pressed to the skin
  • Check the temperature strip to ensure it’s in the correct range and secure it until you’re in the testing facility.
  • Open the safety valve, and then squeeze the tip of the dong to squirt your sample into the sample cup.