Facts to Know About A Car’s BHP and Torque

new car engineYou are very likely to come across the terms BHP and torque, especially when looking to buy a high-performance vehicle. The torque is simply the amount of power that is needed to turn the axles of the car. A car that has high torque means that it will require fewer gear changes, hence making it easier to drive. It deals with the amount of power a car has. BHP or brake horsepower, on the other hand, deals with the ability of a vehicle to convert the power produced.

How to Measure the Power of a Car

A dynamometer is needed to measure the BHP vs. torque that a car can produce. The procedure involves driving the car at various speeds and measuring braking power. Multiplying the engine speed by the torque gives you the BHP, which is the overall power output. Horsepower is calculated by multiplying torque of the car by rpm. The rpm is the speed at which the engine spins. Based on the equation formulated, you will need to operate the car at higher rpm or have more torque if you need more horsepower.

The Effects of Gears on Torque

Understanding what happens under the hood is how you will be able to figure out how to increase the speed of your car. When fuel and air get into the engine’s combustion chambers, the spark plugs prompt a controlled explosion. The explosion causes the crankshaft to move, which in turn, drives the axles. Gears are then used to amplify the torque of the car and, therefore, determine the power of the car. The ratio of the axle and gear determines the multiple with which the torque will be amplified.

The Balance in BHP vs. Torque

The manufacturers of cars always try to achieve the right balance between torque and BHP. At times, the equation might move a little more towards power instead of torque. The power of a car can be influenced by aerodynamics while its weight can influence acceleration and torque. Rolling resistance of the car’s tires, friction in the engine, and aerodynamics drag can affect acceleration.

Is BHP Better than Torque?

People who have a good understanding of the operation of cars conclude that torque and BHP mean the same thing. The difference is only the perspective from which you decide to view the power of your car.


The speed at which the engine can spin is limited. This means that at lower rpm, higher torque generates higher BHP. It can be seen clearly in sports cars, which do not weigh much and have low torque but the horsepower and rpm are high. A car is considered efficient based on how long it can sustain producing enough torque with rpm being low.